by Didisdead

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released April 9, 2014

Recorded at Moondog Studios, Alameda, CA




Didisdead Oakland, California

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Track Name: Puppies and Kittens
Clawing at my body. I haven't felt right for weeks.

Out of my way, fucking "choose life" and "god hates gays".
I'll try not to attack you, but I need a fucking vacuum.

Penny royal, tansy, ginger root and carrot seed.
Saffron, lemon balm, smart weed, and vitamin c.

Out of my way...

Knowledge is power and we're gonna take it.
All you politicians and doctors can try and fake it!

Out of my way...
Track Name: Human Safari
Oh...oh well. My road, your hell.
Track Name: Possessions
I need my manicure, my designer purse to live.
I need my telephone for a constant narrative.
I need my platinum card, I need my credit line.
A new car every year, I won't be left behind!

I need hot tubs, clothes and limousines.
Everything for a pampered queen.
Things to help me go to sleep, clean up my mess, massage my feet.
I need possessions!

Track Name: Distinguishing Line
Days go by as you are getting older. Here you sit at the age of 10.
Watching two roles be played out your whole life, while father goes
to work and mother makes the bed.
"Come sit on my knee, son, we'll watch sports on t.v. And maybe next year you can play."

It's becoming hard to find, that distinguishing line, of what makes everybody happy.
Track Name: Suicide by Cop
Can you believe? You see what's on the fucking tv?! What's your definition of a lie?
He's got a knife... or a wallet.
They've got semi-automatics.
Seems like someone's lookin to die.

Cops- they've got guns (they shoot to kill)
Oh, you better run (they shoot to kill)